Artists Seed Forum Global Award Ceremony & GALA-SHOW

  • Arne Hjeltnes
    Gala Show Master of Ceremony
  • Hjørleifur Valsson
    The Fabolous Violinist
  • Marius Roth Christensen
    The Opera Solist
  • John Chr. Elden
    Master of Seed Forum Award Ceremony
  • Trine Bariås-Kvitstein
    The Wonderful Musical Actress
  • Halvor Tverdal
    The Great Voice of Tomorrow
  • Kampen Janitsjar Orchestra
    The Best Orchestra in Norway
  • Røyken Theatre Group
    The Best Young Amaterur Theater Talents
  • Kristian Fabrizio
    The Upcoming Norwegian Musical Artist
  • Johan Wallace
    Pianist & Organist
  • Ourania Menelaou
    The Fabolous Pianist
  • Roberts Brivlauks
    Serial Inventor, Latvia
  • Geir Olsen
    Norwegian Serial Entreprneur