Impact Speakers at Seed Forum Global

  • Mayor of the City of Oslo since 21st of October 2015. 
    Marianne Borgen
    Mayor of the City of Oslo
  • The guy who climbed Everest in a day, and spent the afternoon making the first ski descent of the north face. He has also climbed all the 4000+ peaks in the Alps and much more.
    Tormod Granheim (Norway)
    Norwegian Adventurer of the year 2016
  • Co-founder at TENK (Technology Network for Women), host podcast 20-30, Singularity University Nordic, board member at the financial application Kron, member of the global shaper community, author, blogger, public speaker.
    Isabelle Ringnes (Norway)
    Innovation Influencer
  • Entrepreneur, TV-personality, politician, author and program manager for the Norwegian Super-Famous TV-program "Gutta På Tur". Master of Ceremony for the Seed Forum Global "Evening Galla-Show".  
    Arne Hjeltnes (Norway)
  • A serial entrepreneur and long-time Business Angel. Many times investor in Seed Forum and did the 1st BA-investment in a overseas start-up presented in Seed Forum Norway. Now the head of Techstars in Norway.  
    Audun Abelsnes (Norway)
    CEO Techstars
  • Executive Chairman of Nordic Impact & Co-Founder of Katapult Future Fest. Long track record of commercializing technologies in international environments. 
    Anders Lier (Norway)
    Head of Katapult - Nordic Impact
  • Co-Founder and builder of the fast-growing Seed Forum iHUB Innovation Centre Network in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and beyond Also a start-up entrepreneur and advisor to key government positions in Ukraine. 
    Dimitri Podoliev (Ukraine)
    Co-Founder of the iHUB Network, Ukraine
  • Olaf Thommessen (Norway)
    Head of Bedriftsforbundet
  • Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel. Founder of the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Club. Co-Founder of Entra House. A true cosmopolitan in Oslo. 
    Berg Moe (Norway)
    Head the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Club
  • Key influencer in innovation in Moldova and the Head of the Moldova IT-Association. The Chairman of Seed Forum iHUB Chisinau and Tekwill. 
    Ana Chirita (Moldova)
    Head of the IT Association of Moldova
  • Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister under the Stoltenberg-government 2005-2006. He has been Deputy Director General and Head of the Security Section at the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Safety. 
    Kjetil Skogrand (Norway)
    Securty Expert & Former Deputy Minister
  • Former Director of the Norwegian National Theater, Rogaland Theatre, Lillehammer College and Oslo Cinemas. A great variety of Board Membership.  
    Geir Bergkastet (Norway)
    Director Norwegain Opera and Ballet
  • Her Mayesty`s Ambassador to Norway since 2014. Former British Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 
    HE Sarah Gillett (United Kingdom)
    British Ambassador to Norway
  • Entrepreneur & Crypto Currency Expert. The Founder of Seed Forum in Iceland and the recent Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Iceland. 
    Jon Helgi Egilsson (Iceland)
    Crypto Currency Expert, Iceland
  • Founder & CEO of Oslo International Hub and BAN Norway A true cosmopolitan in Oslo.
    Jørn Lein-Mathisen (Norway)
    Founder, Oslo International Hub
  • Former Member of the Norwegian Parliament know from this position as the "Entrepreneurs Spokesman". Chairman of the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Association and PR-manager of the Norwegian Association for SMEs. 
    Jørund Rytman (Norway)
    Entrepreneurs Spokesman - Former MP
  • The most famous lawyer in Norway. Politician and law influencer. Legal expert in the Norwegian super popular TV-program "Åsted". 
    John Chr. Elden (Norway)
    Lawyer & Politician - Law Firm Elden
  • Haakon H. Jensen (Norway)
    CEO of Investinor
  • Norwegian serial entrepreneur, patent inventor and the founder and CEO of Meltwater and the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).
    Jørn Lyseggen (USA)
    CEO Meltwater
  • Serial Entrepreneur, business angel and Technofreak! Founder of Industries Holding ! Politician, techno influencer & cosmopolitan. Always one step ahead in the tech world !
    Christian Testman (Norway)
    Serial entrepreneur & Chairman UNIBA
  • CEO of OSM Aviation. Serial Entrepreneur and Business Angel. Previously airplane pilot for Scandinavian Airlines. Former Board Member of Seed Forum Norway Foundation.  
    Espen Høiby (Norway)
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founder and CEO of Culturengine. Expert in Values Management, Brand Values & Leadership Change Processes. Founder of values@work. 
    Tone Ringstad (Norway)
  • Founder and CEO of Telesoftas. Serial Entrepreneur, Business Angel, Lithuanian Innovation influencer.
    Algirdas Stoney (Lithuania)
    CEO Telesoftas
  • Global Expert and Key-Note Speaker on Strategy & Transformation. 
    Christian Rangen
    CEO X2 Innovation Centre
  • 5 year head of Innovation Norway in San Francisco. Experience from Conoco, Kongsberg, Norcontrol and start-ups. Founder of Alliance Venture.
    Jan-Erik Hareid
    Managing Partner Alliance Venture
  • Director of Entrepreneurship & Start-ups of Innovation Norway. Former Consul and Trade Commissionar for the Norwegian Consulate General in Toronto. Co-founder of Optimalprint. 
    Pål Thorvik Næss (Norway)
    Head Entreprenurship Innovation Norway
  • Former CEO of the music tech company Soundrop (sold to X5). Prior to this many years at Warner Music. He is passionate about startups, tech, the fourth industrial revolution and what it all means for the city of Oslo. 
    Jørn S. Haanæs
    Startup Director Oslo Business Region
  • More than 20 years experience in the European Pop Music Industry. His music has been listed at the international MTV European viewers choice. Expert in media and communication.
    David Mendoza (Norway)
    Communication Expert
  • President of the European Business Angel Network with 22000 BAN-members. An international Telecom-Expert and entrepreneur. 
    Candace Johnsen (France)
    President of EBAN
  • Passionate Business Angel and entrepreneur from Estonia. Funder of "Start-up" includer. Board member at Nordic BAN. 
    Rein Lemberpuu (Estonia)
    Head of ESTBAN
  • Co-Founder of NOFAS to become a leading Nordic entity within Research & Development. Serial Entrepreneur with a broad background from business development and management.  
    Lars Henrik Krogh (Norway)
    Managing Partner NOFAS
  • Sebastian Stigar (Norway)
    IP expert BRYN AARFLOT
  • Probably most investments in Norwegian Business Angel history. Co-founder of Norsk Data. Serial entrepreneur and innovator. 
    Lars Monrad-Krohn (Norway)
    Norwegian Grand Business Angel
  • Building Oslotech to the newt level. Formerly Co-Founder of Venture Partners (now Northzone Ventures). One of the real key-persons in the Norwegian innovation system.   
    Karl-Christian Agerup (Norway)
    CEO, Oslotech
  • Founder and CEO of Venturelab and XLR8HUB. Serial entrepreneur and business angel. A key spider in the Norwegian innovation system! 
    Thomas Due (Norway)
    Head of VentureLab
  • Board member of First Tuesday Bergen and Norwegian West-Coast innovation influencer. CEO of Greensight.
    Hilde Holdhus (Norway)
    First Tuesday Bergen
  • Serial Entrepreneur among others co-founder of the Baltic News Agency. Former Norwegian Trade Commissionar to Latvia.The Head of Seed Forum in the Baltics and the representative of B2Holding ASA to Central Eastern Europe. 
    Gints Vins (Latvia)
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Ida Hatlebrekke
    CEO of Folk Oslo
  • Stock trader, author, innovation expert. World-leading expert in new innovative trading methodology.   
    Irfan Polimac (France)
    Influencer Financial Trading Innovation
  • Founder of PierX innovation centre. Passionate serial entrepreneur and company builder. Water-ski enthusiast.    
    Morten Wiese (Norway)
    Head of Pier X
  • The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the world`s largest business organisation with a network of over 6.5 million members in more than 130 countries. 
    Lisbeth Kaarem
    Secretary General at ICC Norway
  • Development project expert with wide experience from many very emerging markets. Project manager for Seed Forum bilateral projects in Eurasia, MENA and Western Balkans. Head of International Development Norway. 
    Anders Stølan (Norway)
    Emerging Markets Innovation Expert
  • Building XLEDGER to the most successful cloud-based accounting platform in Scandinavia. Former Director of the Banking Department og the Norwegian National Bank and Head of Citybank Norway. 
    Helge Strømme (Norway)
    Managing director XLEDGER
  • Founder and Chairman of a non-profit association, Wisdom Together, to foster peace, prosperity and sustainable world for everyone.
    Alfred Tolle (Germany)
    Wisdom Together
  • A Norwegian astrophysicist, writer of popular science for children, and media personality.
    Erik Newth (Norway)
    Impact Astrophysicist
  • Paul Iske (Nethertlands)
    Open Innovation Expert
  • Serial entrepreneur, business angel and founder of Martal Group, Toronto. Seed Forum Country Manager to Canada. 
    Vitaly Visnhepolsky (Canada)
    Head of Martal Group, Toronto
  • EdTech serial entrepreneur from Estonia and Co-Founder of the Nordic EdTech Forum.
    Märt Aro (Estonia)
    EdTech Expert
  • Director at the Norwegian Consumer Association. Former politician. Political influencer. 
    Thomas Bartholdsen (Norway)
    Consumer Expert
  • Keeping the strong ties between the United Kingdom and Norway. The great BNCC Network in Norway proves the strong historic relations between the 2 nations. 
    Neill Flack (Norway)
    Head British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • Global Cyber Security Expert. PwC Cyber Security Division and former head of Watchcom. 
    Nils Johan Brede (Norway)
    PwC - Cyber Security Expert
  • The President & CEO of Seed Forum Global with ambitions to build a complete global innovation eco-system. He is a serial entrepreneur with 17 start-ups and has trained and presented more than 3000 start-ups to investors in 50+ countries. 
    Steinar Hoel Korsmo (Global)
    Global Entrepreneur & Adventurer
  • Director of Strategic Area Smart Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology.
    Carlo van de Weijer (Netherlands)
    Singluarity Univerity
  • Business coach, creater and investor. Expert in life style business and influencer marketing.   
    Erland Sand (Norway)
    Investor & Lifestyle Business Designer
  • Serial entrepreneur and head of XHUBADDIS as the leading innovation centre in Ethiopia. Innovation influencer. 
    Teddy T. Araya (Ethiopia)
    Head of XHUBADDIS
  • Serial entrepreneur, Business Angel & Impact Innovator from Western Sweden. 
    Sven-Erick Carlsson (Sweden)
    Innovatum - Innovation Influencer
  • The Head of Seed Forum iHUB in Tbilisi, Georgia. Former Georgian reform politician. A key person in the development of the innovation system in Sooth Caucasus. 
    Ilo Ghlonti (Georgia)
    Innovation Influencer
  • Expert in international marketing, sales and business development. 
    Zhongying Kristoffersen (Norway)
    Head of Lion Healthcare
  • Founder of 16 start-ups since the 1980s including Cloudnames, Digital Everyday, RiksNett, Aktiv24 & DotGlobal.  
    Jan Sollid Storehaug (Norway)
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • A broad background in media and digitization with experience from a number of internet businesses. 
    Håkon Tiller (Norway)
    Digitization & Media Wizzard
  • Impact lecturer on how to succeed in communication. The last 10 years training managers in many countries around the world.
    Mrianne Mørk Larsen (Norway)
    Impact Communicator
  • Has a passion for sales and value creation. 20 years experience of teaching young & ambitious people to succeed in sales. 
    Ole Arvid Liodden (Norway)
    Head of Sales Academy
  • Hans van Grieken is the EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader within Deloitte’s global CIO programme.
    Hans von Grieken (Netherlands)
    Digital Business Innovation Deloitte
  • FIN is the Norwegian Association of Innovation Enterprises and is a part of the Norwegian Federation of Industries (NHO). 
    Daniel Ras-Vidal (Norway)
    Head of FIN
  • Investor and innovation influencer from Mauritius. 
    Eric Osiakwan (Mauritius)
    Chanzo Capital
  • Founder and CEO of PROEM in Buenos Aires. A major initiative to teach young guys and girls in Argentina in Young Entrepreneurship. 
    Leandro Schwartzer (Argentina)
    Head of PROEM
  • 14 years Partner Edge Innovation Group, working with strategy, business development, innovation, insight, communication and branding.  Marketing Director Ringnes / Carlsberg Breweries, Ernst & Young Consulting, Borregaard industries & Orkla Group.
    Helge Krane (Norway)
    Head Edge Innovation Group
  • Main influencers in the Russian Innovation System. Heads the Russian Innovation Program Generation-S. Country Manager Seed Forum Russia. 
    Alexander Loktionov (Russia)
    Head of Loga Group
  • Serial entrepreneur, incubator manager at Hedmark Science Park. 
    Kristian Bakke Haugen (Norway)
    Hedmark Science Park
  • Sales and marketing expert. Many years experience from many different ways of sales. 
    Cecilie Rochstad (Norway)
    Marketig director Bedriftsforbundet
  • Pål Bråthen (Norway)
    CEO at Tocricle Industries
  • Head of incubation at Skåppå Science Park, Lillehammer. 
    Martin Stok (Norway)
    Company Builder at Skåppå Science Park
  • Yngve Kristiansen (Norway)
    Founder & Chairman, Edge Innovation Group and INNEOX, Founding Partner at Fidem Capital Partners
  • Tormod Ludvik Nilsen (Norway)
    Partner at Wikborg & Rein Law Firm
  • New business / product development, innovation, project management. 
    Tor Krog (Norway)
    Head of Business Development and Strategy at Siemens
  • Coaches and mentors executive and top management teams around the globe, focusing mainly on strategic growth-mindset development, innovation and building leadership capabilities to accelerate growth and transform cooperate cultures.  
    Marc Siles (Finland)
    CEO InneoxLiberator
  • Idea and concept development, design and facilitation of complex processes, strategy development, L6 Leadership Development, Innovation Leadership, growth coaching, business development. 
    Michael Engstrôm (Sweden)
    Education Wavemaker & company builder
  • Renewable energy, business strategy, sustainability and environmental awareness, environmental impact assessment & environmental management systems. 
    Erkki Lindberg (Finland)
    Director Eko Harden Technologies
  • Head of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce out of New York City. 
    Live Sletten Diakolios (USA)
    Head of NACC, New York
  • David Holm (Norway)
    Partner Xplorico
  • Haakon Brunell (Norway)
    Managing Partner Katapult Accelerator
  • Incubator Manager at Total Innovation in Gjøvik, Norway. A great nominator of start-ups to Seed Forum during 15 years. 
    Ådne Midtlin (Norway)
    Incubator Manager Total Innovation
  • Kaare Oftedal (Norway)
    CEO DLA Piper Norway
  • Former Managing Director and Innovation Manager at Oslo Technopol. PhD in organisational and management studies from NTNU / Department of Industrial Economics. Background experience from consultancy and organisational research.   
    Fredrik Winther (Norway)
    Managing Director Oslo Business Region
  • Hanne-Mai Eriksen (Norway)
    Sales Manager Kongsberg Innovation
  • NTNU masterstudent in his 20th year in higher education, having surpassed 1000 credits already. 13 years experience in the housing and rental market, having launched his first startup house for college students at UC Berkeley, California in 2012
    Lars Føleide (Norway)
    CEO Startup Housing
  • Manuel is the CEO and co-founder of two of the largest and most prominent blockchain companies in Norway, BitGate and BitSpace. He holds a M.Sc in Electronics from the University of Oslo, and is an experienced developer
    Manuel Lains (Norway)
    Blockchain Expert
  • John Bøhmer (Norway)
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Matthew Bryce (Norway)
    Green Mining Expert
  • Magnus Jones (Norway)
    Ernnst & Young
  • Ivar is the COO at BitGate and BitSpace. He has studied economics at Connecticut State University, and is an investor and trader of cryptocurrencies since 2014. He is a talented executive managing day-to-day activities and planningat BitGate and BitSpace
    Ivar Duserud (Norway)
    Blockchain Expert
  • Henning has a background from the C64 demo scene, working at Funcom before co-founding game developer Innerloop Studios where he was CEO. An entrepreneur with a passion for games, Henning has also consulted with some of the largest organizations in Norway
    Henning Rokling (Norway)
    Parsec Frontiers
  • Bjørn Zachrisson (Norway)
    Founder HarmonyChain
  • Christian Lains (Norway)
    EOS Expert
  • Founder & President of Woman Business Angels Hungary.15 years of experience of Corporate Communication. 
    Eszter Szabó (Hungary)
    Woman Business Angels Hungary
  • Ulf Borbos (Sweden)
    SISP - Swedish Science Parks
  • Oddmund Aasen (Norway)
    Sciecnce Park North
  • Disrupts entrepreneurship and venture with award-winning innovation system born in Oslo, now growing from London.
    Kenneth Winther (UK)
    Founder of Moonwalk
  • Mehraz Rafat (Norway)
  • Wajik is the Creative Director of BitSPace. He has a Masters degree in filmmaking from London. For the last 10 years, he has worked as a producer of web apps and services doing UI/UX and content creation for large Norwegian and international client(s).
    Wajid Malik (Norway)
    Creative Director BitSPace
  • President of Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association. Norther Europe Innovation Centre and Kong Wah Group. Representative of Swedish and Chinese entrepreneurs.   
    Zhang Qiaozhen (China)
    Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association
  • Andreas Svoor (Norway)
    Chairman of Gründerforeningen
  • Alistar de Villers
  • Hege Tollerud (Norway)
    CEO Oslo Edtech Cluster
  • Håvard Clausen Martinsen (Norway)
  • Lars Gjølme (Norway)
    Head of Climate-Kic at NTNU
  • Partner & Program Director at The Factory Fintech Accelerator. Nordic entrepreneur and investor, partner at TheFactory and Board Member of the Oslo Fintech Hub. TheFactory is a leading Nordic start-up accelerator focusing primarily on Fintech
    Hans Christian Bjørne
    Partner TheFactory