Gala Show & Award Ceremony

Gala Show & Award Ceremony
Seed Forum Global 12 June 2018
June 12, Tuesday
18:00 - 20:00
Main Stage

This is a 2 Hour Gala Show on the Opera Main Stage on the occasion of Seed Forum 15 years anniversary from a Norwegian to a Global Organisation impacting innovation in 50+ countries. The Gala Show includes magic performances by young upcoming talents as well as a Gala Show headed by Mr. John Chr. Elden. Performances from the Oslo Opera as well as the Kampen Janitsjar Orchestra will make this an UNFORGETTABLE evening. 

Master of Ceremony: Mr. Arne Hjeltnes 

Hjørleifur Valsson, The Fabolous Violinist accompanied by Ourania Menelaou

Halvor Tverdal, The Great Voice of Tomorrow sings "Bring Him Home" from Les Misrables accompanied by Johan Wallace

Steinar Korsmo, CEO of Seed Forum Global presents Seed Forum Representatives from 30+ countries 

The Seed Forum 15 years History Movie - Just "Mission Impossible"

Great Seed Forum Historic Icon Pitches: presented by Roberts Brivlauks (Latvia) and presented by Ger Olsen (Norway)  

Seed Forum Award Ceremony presented by John Chr. Elden assisted by Isabelle Ringnes and Espen Høiby 

6 Achievement Awards:

- Most presented Start-Up in Seed Forums ever

- Most visiting Private Investor in Seed Forum ever

- Most visiting VC-investor in Seed Forum ever

- Most astonishing investment in Seed Forum ever 

- Biggest nominator of companies to Seed Forum ever 

- Oldest presenter in Seed Forum ever

6 Impact Awards (given to 6 individuals with biggest impact activity to Seed Forum ever) 

3 Entrepreneur Awards 

- Seed Forum Entrepreneur of the Year

- Seed Forum Entrepreneur of the Decade

- Seed Forum Entrepreneur of The Century 

Trine Bariås-Kvitstein & Halvor Tverdal, Phantom of the Opera accompanied by Johan Wallace

Geir Bergkastet, Managing Director of the Norwegian Opera and Ballett

Marius Roth Christensen; Anthem from Chess & You Will Never Walk Alone 

Røyken Theater Group; The Breath-Taking GREASE-medley 

Kristian Fabrizio, the upcoming Norwegian Musical Artist 

HE Sarah Gillett, Her Majestys British Ambassador to Norway 

Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo 


Kampen Janitsjar Orchestra ends this fabolous GALA-SHOW