Networking Extreme

Networking Extreme
Seed Forum Global 12 June 2018
June 12, Tuesday
17:00 - 18:00
Opera Lobby

This is the time when we want all participants in Seed Forum Global to gather in front of the Lobby Stage for Extreme Networking. Followed by VIP Impact pitches before the Master of Ceremony Arne Hjeltnes invites to the Seed Forum Gala Show on the Main Opera Stage from 6 pm.

This session is moderated by Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Seed Forum Global 


Impact Speakers of this sessions are:

1700  Marianne Borgen, Mayor of the City of Oslo 

1710  Networking Extreme Session, Steinar Hoel Korsmo (CEO Seed Forum) 

1720  Olaf Thommessen, CEO Norwegian Association for SMEs

1725  Ana Chirita, CEO iHUB Chisinau 

1730  Christian Testman, Serial Entrepreneur and Security Expert 

1735  Tormod Granheim, Norwegian Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 

17.45  Arne Hjeltnes, Master of Ceremony of the Evening Gala-Show

All guests are invited to take their numbered seat in the Main Opera Hall from 17.45. The Breath-Taking Evening Gala Show starts on the Opera Main Stage exactly at 6 pm.