Start-Up, Impact & Reverse Pitches

Start-Up, Impact & Reverse Pitches
Seed Forum Global 12 June 2018
June 12, Tuesday
13:00 - 17:00
Opera Lobby Stage

Listen to GREAT investor-ready selected start-ups from 20+ countries pitching to investors on the Opera Lobby Stage. In between the start-up pitches you can listen to Impact pitchers from GREAT Innovation Influencers. 

Also listen to more than 30 reverse pitches from heads of accelerators, innovation centres, programs and leading organisations within the innovation system in 10+ countries. This is where to find your location or objective for business if you are a start-up or innovation helper.

This is a one of it`s kind exciting pitch event by Seed Forum with an amount of pitches in 4 hours never done before. 

Fasten your seatbelts ! 

This session is moderated by:

Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Seed Forum Global (Norway)

Cecilie Rochstad, Norwegian Association for SMEs (Norway) 

Jørn Haanæs, Oslo Business Region (Norway)

1300  Hotel Online, Endre Opdahl

1302  Eevia, Stein Ulve

1304  MSG Prodcutions, Frøydis Garmo Hovden 

1306  Jan-Erik Hareid, Founder Alliance Venture (Norway)

1309  Nanosized, Bjôrn Holmstrøm

1311  Quizcoin, Jegor Gazon

1313  Kjetil Skogrand, Former Deputy Minister of Defence (Norway)

1317  ToursCompare, Andrii Kubrak

1319  ORP, Steven Hughes

1321  Christian Testman, Private investor and Serial Entrepreneur (Norway) 

1324  Logitwork, Anatolio Golovko 

1326  Pawa, Jo Korneliussen 

1328  Smartster, Andreas Swahn 

1331  Lars-Monrad Krohn, Co-Founder of Norwegian Data and Norwegian Grand Business Angel (Norway)

1333  AVR Spot, Yuriy Pshemychny

1335  Nornir, Paal Levang 

1337  Tone Ringstad, CultureEngine (Norway)

1340  Imprinit, Anne Karemenko 

1342  EC-Play, Joakim Skaret 

1344  Zernonode, Vlad Larin 

1346  Irfan Polimac, Financial Trading Innovation (France)

1349  Gustos Life, Natalia Bulai 

1351  Ygdrasil Project, Julian Ruiz 

1353  Gints Vins, Baltic Serial Entrepreneur (Latvia) 

1356  Zoomno, David Chantladze

1358  Liquid Wind, Claes Fredriksson 


1400  Gaus, Euvenia Girla 

1402  Vitaly Vishnepolsky, CEO Martal Group (Canada)

1405  Crazy Roller, Roberts Brivlauks 

1407  Pukka Travels, Anton Hejbel

1409  Thomas Bartholdsen, World Traveller (Norway)

1412  PowUnit, Knut Linnerud 

1414  Uprice, Nor Kagramanyan 

1316  Glucostratus, Pekka Mâakila 

1418  Ezster Szabo, Women Business Angels (Hungary)

1421  Dromos, Ghenadie Cemei 

1423  Medsensio, Johan Ravn 

1426  Anders Stølan, CEO International Development Norway (Norway)

1429  Engskov Packaging, Lasse Jørgensen 

1431  Oasis. Jon Bøhmer 

1433  TK Guardian, Elisabeth Mæland Fosse 

1436  Rein Lemberpu, Head of ESTBAN (Estonia)

1438  D`liver, Eskild Endrerud 

1449  Rosberg, Alf-Kenneth Bråten

1442  Algirdas Stonys, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Telesoftas (Lithuania)

1444  Aquasolis, Ole Bastian Sandok

1446  ARGuide, Andrii Linsky 

1448  Avalance Chain, Vadym Tsheknanovsky

1450  Eric Osiakwan, Chanzo Capital (Mauritius)

1453  Bookis, Lasse Brunok 

1455  Foodspot, Mariann Solaas

1457  Multi Distance Communication, Vivian Wam Fjell 


1500  MEGA, Aleksandr Isceneco

1502  Norwegian Berries, Øyvind Harv 

1505 Zhang Qiaozhen, Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association (China) ,

1515  Jørn Haanæs, Oslo Business Region (Norway) - INTRO OF REVERSE PITCHES

1518  Daniel Ras-Vidal, FIN (Norwegian Association of Innovation Enterprises) (Norway)

1521  Karl-Christian Agerup, OsloTech (Norway)

1524  Christian Rangen, X2 Innovation Centre (Norway)

1527  Hans Christian Bjørne, TheFactory (Norway)

1530  Morten Wiese, Pier X Venture Hub (Norway)

1533 Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Oslo International Hub (Norway)

1536  Haakon Brunell, Katapult Accelerator (Norway)

1539  Sven-Erick Carlsson, Innovatum (Sweden)

1542  Ida Hatlebrekke, FOLK OSLO (Norway)

1545  Leandro Schwartzer, PROEM (Argentina)

1548  Ana Chirita, iHUB Chisinau (Moldova) 

1551  Lars Gjølme, Climate Kic NTNU (Norway)

1554  Alexander Loktionov, Strogino Science Park (Russia) 

1557  Martin Stok, Skåppå Science Park (Norway)

1600  David Holm, XPLORICO (Norway)

1603  Teddy T. Araya, XHUBADDIS (Ethiopia)

1606  Live Sletten Diakolios, NACC (USA)

1609  Kristian Bakke Haugen, Hedmark Science Park (Norway)

1612  Ilo Ghlonti, iHUB Tbilisi (Georgia) 

1615  Mart Aro, Nordic Edtech Forum (Estonia)

1618  Erlend Sand, U the BIz (Norway)

1621  Hanne-Mai Eriksen, Kongsberg Innovation (Norway)

1624  Lars Føleide, Startup Housing (Norway)

1627  Oddmund Aasen, Science Park North (Norway)

1630  Kenneth WInther, Moonwalk (UK)

1633  Joachim Svenstad McLean, XLR8HUB (Norway)

1636  Ulf Borbos, SISP - Swedish Science Park Association (Sweden)

1639  Hege Tollerud (Oslo Edtech Cluster)

1642  Alistar de Villers - Antler (Singapore)


You can also see logos of many of the start-ups under Start-Ups in the menu.